Forgotten Anzacs

75th anniversary edition

In 1941, an Anzac army went to Greece to defend the country against Hitler’s stormtroopers. To mark the occasion, I’m proud to release with Scribe Publications a revised edition of Forgotten Anzacs, based on fresh archival research, and complemented by a collection of remarkable and previously unpublished photographs.

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What the critics say

Peter Ewer’s book is not simply a labour of love that restores the memory of the Anzac fighters in the Greek mainland and Crete. It is a monument of scholarly research, historical interpretation and cultural awareness, a book that explores the limits of human courage as expressed by ordinary soldiers fighting for freedom under precarious circumstances. Furthermore, it is not only military history; it is about cultural memory as an ongoing process of re-evaluating the past, and establishing social and political agendas for the future. Finally, written in a fluent and engaging narrative style, it makes a fascinating read that reveals an unfairly neglected chapter in the history of World War II.

Vrasidas Karalis
Sir Nicholas Laurantos Chair in Modern Greek, University of Sydney

Into his gripping tale of ANZACs at war Peter Ewer weaves a timely warning about how decisions are made in wartime.  This gives his book real contemporary relevance.

Hugh White
Professor of Strategic Studies
Australian National University